Anime Key To World Peace Campaign

Tis the Season to be jolly, but Christmas doesn’t eradicate the horrors of the world. That is why there are so many organisations pulling resources and donation together to help keep children off the street., feed the hungry stop people from freezing to death and that’s just in the UK Abroad we have war, starvation, […]

Christmas Cosplay Meet

It’s that time of year again, chilly and almost snowy with trees laden with beautiful baubles for kids to cherish. Christmas isn’t just for presents and kids, it’s a great time for cosplayers to do seasonal outfits and photoshoots. In the midst of Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park Corner, we queued, walked and had fun. […]

Baitfighter at Playnation Games

Since we last visited the fresh new look of M&M Games, Playnation Games have been busting a move with lots of events. Utilising their 2nd floor as the Games room, you can pay £2,50 to play retro games all evening or enter Card game tourneys or play casuals, streetpass whatever your heart desires. If there […]