EAG 2014 – A Complete Amusement and Leisure Show


EAG is an amusement and leisure convention where you can try out all the latest amusement machines. The event was heaven for kids to come and play all day on their favourite games. However, this convention’s main goal was to actually showcase the newest software, machines and prizes available to buy or hire at events or your own establishment.


  • More than 100 of the biggest and best brands including Sega, Namco etc.
  • Representing more than 180 companies from around the world
  • Demonstrating the latest products, services and upgrades
  • Showcasing the newest technologies and innovations
  • Where else can you find, see and try out so much in so short a space of time?


  • Up to the minute seminars and learning clinics
  • A fantastic party
  • And a chance to catch up friends and colleagues from all over the world
  • A fun way to do serious business


EAG international is a fun way to do serious business and the best investment you can make for your business in January 2014. They even had novelty photobooths where you can not only get a print out but an email version too.

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