Otaku Themed Food

So Japan has all these themed cafes but is the fanbase worth the money, let’s look at the best looking food and see if the taste and presentation is worth us going. I personally went to the Gundam cafe and I never saw this… In all my life if I were presented a Gundam ship […]

Shorts on Tap: Tokyo Calling Event

Following a last minute tweet I found on Monday the 19th January, I found myself attending a film makers event organised by Shorts on Tap. These guys had a line up of seven Japanese shorts for keen enthusiasts to watch and enjoy in aid of a collaborative event also being held in Japan on 9th […]

Not ear but an ACTUAL Cat headband

We all know how the staple accessories in each J-Fashion wardrobe includes a animal eared related item. Whether it be the new Axcent wear light up cat-ear headphones, fluffy bunny ears or psycom ears from the anime Chobits. Japanese designer Campanella has gone the next step by creating a cat hairband that will place a […]

Who are Short’s on Tap ?

Shorts On Tap is a collective who showcase short films, from both up-and-coming and well­ established film­ makers, at venues all over London and Japan. They provide a great opportunity for people to discover the best material from the contemporary independent short­film scene, a place for exchanging ideas and networking or simply a treat for a […]

Idol Hands release date confirmed!

Developer:Pocket Games Inc Publisher:Green Man Loaded Genre:Strategy Platform:PC OS – Windows 8 or later Green Man Loaded is proud to announce that the first game to be released from the new publishing label will be the godly strategy game Idol Hands by Pocket Games Inc. and will launch on Feb 18th 2015. Idol Hands is […]

Birthday treats!

So normally people post photos of what they received and brag about everything but over the years the materialistic aspect wears off or maybe just for me. Here are my top bday moments from past and today – Memories can survive years on but photos are a nice reminder so you can capture that moment […]

Gamerdisco x Kotaku Event

 Where: The Book Club,  100 Leonard Street , EC2A 4RH London, United Kingdom  Show me the money: Free When: 21/01/2015 (always a wednesday) Who are ‘Gamerdisco’ ? The guys started out their events as ‘Nintendisco’ and became endorsed by them and toured at events. They then changed their name to encompass a variety of games “a spanking shiny new monthly […]