Harajuku Girls – Theatre production

“I don’t know a girl who hasn’t been groped on a train. There’s always someone trying to cop a feel. Might as well get paid for it.” Harajuku Girls tells the story of three young Japanese women desperate to pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles that society and tradition put in their way. A play […]

Retztron Back at the Hoxton Pony!

It’s been almost 4 months since I attended my last Reztron event – why? That’s because they have a new venue for Saturdays so the Thursday events were on hold. Since they returned to the delightful Hoxton Pony in the heart of Shorditch. I absolutely love their events purely becuase they are dedicated to Sega […]

Review: PK

This film had my head in a whirl – the adverts didn’t reveal much about the movie apart from the main actor being Aamir Khan walking around butt naked having his dignity covered but a retro boombox cassette player. Posters of this were removed in India but made quite a stir in regards to the […]

Review: Fantasy Life

Publisher: NintendoDeveloper: Level 5Genre: Adventure, RPGPlayers: 3 Release Date:27th Dec 2012 (JPN)24th Oct 2014 (USA)26th Sep 2014 (UK/EU) The best way to describe Fantasy Life is a real time action RPG from level-5. This came was supposed to come out 2009 in Japan but was delayed and kept in development till 27th December, 2012. This mean’t they had to enhance the […]