• Anime
  • Summer Explorers! Free Anime Screenings at the Japan Foundation (July 2015)

    This summer the Japan Foundation have organised a day packed full of special anime film screenings, all of which can be enjoyed on the big screen! 11:30am: Anime for Everyone! (Recommended for ages 2+)KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat 1:00pm: Anime Goes Underground (Recommended for ages 8+)SOS! TOKYO METRO EXPLORERS: THE NEXT 2:10pm: Anime Meets (Recommended for […]

  • Games
  • Jamie Lee Curtis and family cosplayed as ‘Street Fighter’ characters to sneak into EVO

    Jamie Lee Curtis a professed Street Fighter Fan Famed Horror Actress from Halloween series, Jamie Lee Curtis, and her family cosplayed as characters from the popular fighting games Street Fighter and Tekken. This was so she and  her son could attend Evolution Championship Series (EVO) currently happening now  in USA. Evo is the the world’s […]

  • Events
  • Okinawa Day 2015

    Okinawa day 2015 crept up fast this year with underground advertising – literally on the underground tube station tunnels and in the metro. It was delightful to see what Japanese tradition and culture the organisation had to show us this year outside Spittlefields Market, near Liverpool street station. Some of the highlights included Okinawan music […]