Tales of Berseria


I am excited to announce the newsest in the Tales of series as Tales of Berseria which is coming to our western shores on PlayStation 4 and PC Digital. The upcoming JRPG in the Tales of Series (spanning over 21 years) takes a darker tone and orientation than its predecessor, Tales of Zestiria and with a female protagonist, Velvet.

With a focus on the sexy female ‘hero’ Velvet Crowe, has been designed by long standing Tales of artist Mutsumi Inomata. As a person she is family orientated, unpretentious and has rich sensibilities. She strives for her goals with strong emotion, Tales of Berseria is about her confrontation with those who forego emotion and stick to reason to bring order to the world, as well as society’s internal conflict between emotion and reason.

However, an incident three years ago changed her radically. She barely smiles and has developed fury and hatred within her heart now. Velvet, who happened to suppress her true kindness and now feed’s her rage instead, is becoming the existence that shakes the world …

Her left arm is covered by a bandage because it had transformed by the mysterious power that swallowed her on the day of the event. This left hand wields extraordinary power like that of daemons, but it seems her left hand has a different ability from the one that daemons usually have.


From the footage I have found online her abilities in battle make excellent use of her gauntlet blade and kick skills. Her fighting style is that of a vanguard type.

The world has a mainland at the center, which will be called the Glenwood Continent in the far future. The main stage of the story is set in the Midgand Empire, a great nation which governs a large area stretching across the sea. This nation consists of countless islands that are divided into multiple territories.


Magilou a female witch and self-proclaimed “great sorceress”, and Bienfu a peculiar Malak with a rather unique hat will enter the adventure in Tales of Berseria. The reckless witch and eccentric Malak join the cast alongside the previously revealed Velvet, Laphicet, Rokuro and Eleanor.

tales of b fight

With them, a new battle system feature has also been introduced: the Break Soul. This action, specific to each character, permits the player to exceed the normal number of Artes in a combo. When done correctly, a special effect occurs.

Discover among others Velvet’s Break Soul “Consuming Claw”, which enables her to eat an enemy’s ability through her mutated left hand. There’s also Magilou’s Break Soul “Spell Absorber”, which allows the player to cancel an enemy’s action and absorb their mana.

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