LSCC 2016


LSCC stands for London Super Comic Con and is a fairly new convention spanning for four years. With recent hype circling the event as two years in a row cosplay sensation Yaya Han came as a guest judge for the cosplay masquerade competition. This convention is exclusively for comic book fans.

Yaya Han is a famous american model who became famous through her amazing costumes she made for cosplay. She also appeared on the TV series ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ which gave her alot of exposure for cosplay and she now sells her own costume patterns in shops and handmade cat and pony ears online. Aswell as being one of the star judges to attend previously the prize for winning was two tickets to Dragon Con in america including flights. Competition has improved year by year for the prestigious honour and prizes.

vampybitmeThis years judges included D-Piddy the famous videographer and cosplayer known for his signature Deadpool outfit. He has a portfolio of many but the charm in his Deadpool skits made him viral.

D-Piddy was also accompanied by the beautiful Vampy Bit me (who is often featured in D-Piddy’s cosplay videos) and they both did a duo cosplay from One punch man anime. I originally missed meeting this amazing cosplayer at Tokoyo Game SHow in 2014 where she represented Mad Katz and then the following year at MCM for Viewster.  This time she had her exclusive table where she signed prints, spoke to fans and took selfies with everyone.

The last pair of judges are none other than our British videographer duo Sneaky Zebra. Nick and Gary started out as elusively filming cosplay music videos and grew a massive fan base which reached an international audience and now guest abroad.

Alongside these great guests we also had Kamuii cosplay who came from Germany.  Kamuii Cosplay has published many books on cosplay outfits and armour she has constructed and also countless tutorials online to encourage everyone to be creative and get stuck into their own personal cosplay projects without worry.

This time we did not have the Sy Fi 360 camera opportunity so the event was filled with 80 percent of stalls dedicated to comics and merchendise. What I like about LSCC that they vet their stall holders to comic related items only. So everything is aimed at their audience from Marvel night lights to Walking dead canvas prints.

We had a large amount of authors and illustrators in attendance signing non stop and conversing with fans . This included Brian Bolland, British Artist known for his Judge Dredd series for 2000 AD and also includes Batman comics.

Brian Bolland

This year I was fortunate to speak to people I had come with in previous years and new attendees aswell and get their perspective on LSCC. First timers Caroline and Mike Cuell were nervous of how specialist the vent was and were worried about taking photos and the general over crowding

After reassuring as long as you asked people before taking photos they would be fine. I met up with them a few hours later and a few hundred quid lighter, the couple were pleased with their merchendise and photographs. This was a great first convention and look forward to the next and potentially Mike cosplaying as his hero Batman.

Find more of my photos here.

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