LFCC 2016 Report

artist ms marvel
Jorge Molina, artist of a Ms Marvel Cover

London Film and Comic Con one of the largest comic dedicated comic cons was held at one of the smaller halls at London Olympia. It showcased a great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle statue outside the hall as well as Star Wars Garrison and props inside.

This year’s event did not hold anything new but we did some gems hidden around the event such as Nick Frost signing on the Saturday. Greg Gunberg came on stage and talked about his role in Heroes and acting in general on Sunday.

The walking dead

My highlight was meeting Jorge Molina, one of the artists of the alternative Ms Marvel comic covers whilst being dressed as the character Ms Marvel herself – more photos on my Facebook.

Apart from that the event was very empty, not many guests or attendees, the online presence after was littered with questions of how many attendees were advertised and how many showed up. Exhibitors are currently in talks with organizers at LFCC regarding this.

This event was great to collect any missing comics in your collection. I would recommend going for the day rather than the weekend.

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