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Otaku Cafe is Afternoon Tea with a Twist, the maids & butlers will bring you cakes, drinks and engage in fun games making it an experience you’ll soon not forget. Maid cafes have been on the boom since 2012 and have been appearing in a variety of places as well as London, Manchester and even Scotland.

In 2011 founder, Deanne,  had gone to Maidreamin in Akihabara, after than experience she could not  stop talking about how fun it was and when she came back to London thought that we needed one here. Time went on and the idea was put on a backburner. But then a year and a half ago her and her friends were talking about it again and the idea was resparked but this time they dove in and made it happen, she registered the name and from there plans were made.

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The name ‘Otaku’ (Japanese word for Geek) seemed perfect because it represents people that have a strong love for something be it culture or otherwise and she felt that it would open up to a more diverse demographic. Since 2011 Deanne has been to Japan four times and plan’s to go again next year.

Leading up to promoting the cafe, they were asked to appear on a TV show called the money pit, where they received amazing supporters and new connections and advisers for first time business owners.

A Kickstarter was created to get them to MCM and proved successful, however they fell short at MCM as they were not allowed to sell food and drink which is after all the cafes bread and butter. A few things happened and Sami (Co-founder) left the business. However to this day she still remains a huge supporter and without her the cafe could not have gotten this far. After MCM they took a small break to regroup and evaluate what could be done. Deanne then decided to create the pop-up which was recently funded by another Kickstarter.

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For Deanne the Otaku culture is never seen as a negative but more as a positive, she love’s all things Japan and wants to be able to share this culture in a fun way. Hence the Otaku Cafe was born!

Spanning from the 7th May till the 29th you will be able to book sessions online to attend the cafe and eat some sumptuous food there and play games with the maids and butlers.

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