Review: X-Men: Apocalypse


Let me preface by saying I will try my hardest not to let the undeniable attractiveness of Oliva Munn (Psylocke) sway my review. That said bless the production company for kowtowing to her demands to wear the iconic skin tight purple comic book costume and not some drab, all black movie version.

X-Men Apocalypse is your typical summer comic book popcorn movie. If it didn’t launch mere weeks after Civil War or in the same year as a good Fox comic book movie (looking at you Deadpool) then maybe that would be just enough to rake in a couple hundred million dollars and be “successful” However it does not hold a candle to those two films; it might be more fair to compare it to Batman v Superman.

The plot of this movie is paper thin. There’s next to no character development, either during the events of the movie on in the 10 year gap in the continuity between this and the previous film. All the emotional moments and dialogue just fell flat. Jennifer Lawrence seems to be tired of franchises and spouts out some of the worst delivered lines of her career. There’s not a whole lot going for this movie.  But so what. It’s not good by any stretch of the imagination (even the Wolverine cameo seemed to be written in just so showing it the trailer could bring in the Hugh Jackman fans) but this film does not need to be good it just needs to be a comic book branded spectacle that is colourful and flashy enough to entertain children. It succeeds in that account. Kudos on the aforementioned Psylocke costume by the way. When you look past the poorly written villain and the almost non-existent plot you can just turn your brain off and watch mutants battle it out like you have probably been doing and enjoying for the last 16 years.

It has some stellar visual effects. A lot of it isn’t. A lot is just noise. But there are great scenes that almost worthy of price of admission alone. Just like the last film Quicksilver has a moment where he just completely steals the show. Overall a fun film; much better than the last bookend to an X-Men trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand. Don’t get me started on the portrayal of the Phoenix Force in either movie.

The soundtrack was slick and that was partly due to Quicksilver. In this film we understand his interest in the X-Men is more than just helping, in fact helping was never really the point for him. He just wants to show off and well be reunited with his estranged father. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it but if you read the comics you will know anyways. Playesd by the really adaptable V who you may remember from Kickass and American Horror Story. I look forward to his storyline and perhaps Jubilee as she is seen for a few minutes in the film but never shown as an integral character.

I almost look forward to seeing what becomes of young Jean, Scott and Ororo.  I will say the relationship between the former two seemed forced though. Also there is an after credits scene but I wouldn’t even bother. I can’t get those minutes back of my life from watching those credits for the most dry ending scene and a poor Stan Lee Cameo. Minus the Easter eggs, I did overall enjoy the film and look forward to the next.




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