Catford Art Trail

necklacesOn September 24-25 and October 1st-2nd there was a  free Catford Arts Trail/Open House event, to celebrate creativity in Catford. The organised sourced local artists and makers in their  homes and public spaces to showcase their creativity be it exhibiting their art, or doing live talks or workshops for spectators.

Mike’s Art

This was the first ever Arts Trail in Catford, it has been held in different areas of South London to date including Dulwich and has been organised by five local artists including one of the artists Wendy Arnold Dean, who will also be holding another arts fair in her home in November..

In total there were 70 local artists and makers showcasing their work-spaces and selling items in their homes, studios, public venues and sharing with more fellow creative people.
I found out about this event late due to lack of advertising (which truely is a shame as I love to do things in my community). I was able to visit the installations of Michael Connell who was featured on Channel 4’s Shed of the Year 2016 as a finalist. Working in construction by day he collects waste materials and uses it in his passion which is making art and has made an amazing exhibition in his shed.

Black Dog Glassworks

There was all Jenny who makes coloured glass for doors, windows, lamps and even just art decoration on the walls and provides classes in stained glass also. She had studied at St Martin’s and went on to doing her commissions to full time profession for 15 years and regularly sells her Black Dog Glassworks at Greenwich market. She shared her home with Jewelry maker Marite Del Vilar, trained as an interior designer she was brought up in Brazil and established in London since 1992 and has had her work featured in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

I made my way down to Ravenbourne park past Catford Station where I came across some charming cat photos by Emily Faulder, based in Beckenham she takes photos of cats, Lolita fashion and has recent held her own #jstyle exhibition at LCCA in Holborn.

Emily Faulder Photography
Emily Faulder Photography

The event is supported by Lewisham Council and Hunters Estate agents.

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All art belong to their respective owners, Photographs taken by Aisha Anime.

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