Hello Kitty pop-up show on Oxford street

Hello Kitty Merch
Hello Kitty Merch

Hello Kitty, a character made by Sanrio in Japan, her fictional homeland is London, born in 1974, Designer Ikuko Shimizu, was given the spec to create a cartoon character who can relate on to preteen girls. Hello Kitty has made a comeback recently from gracing the shelves of Top Shop in the 90s they will be hosting a Hello kitty pop up shop in the Oxford Street branch from this Sunday 23rd, October 2016.

Visitors will be able to purchase official Hello kitty products and get them personalised while they wait which is something to entice many fans items available include: coin purses, luggage tags and phone cases.


Showcasing the original 1970s designs which appeared on the very first Hello Kitty product line, the pop-up will open from October 23rd to November 5th.

Sanrio has also teased that it will include a number of surprises from the likes of Tangle Teezer and Fujifilm.


I hope an appearance from the Hello Kitty will happen as Ill be armed with my camera to snap up some selfies. Something to keep my lunch breaks exciting!

Since each floor of Top Shop are self contained no one new about it on the ground floor so whilst ecploring I found the area nestled in between the sales on -0.

They were making the personalised items in front of the customers very eyes. I particularly liked the customisable suitcase tag which was metal for £12.

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