Review: Storks

Dir: Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland
Time: 90 mins
Genre: animation

The Warner Animation Group and RatPac-Dune Entertainment companies behind the Lego Movie have brought us a new story in the form of Storks. Storks follows the old myth of Storks bringing families babys on request.

We follow Junior, a budding Stork next in line to become boss of the new business for storks to delivery packages rather than newborns.

Hunter, the boss voiced by Kelsey Grammar is a ruthless stork who only cares about profit gives Junior the task of firing their only human employee ‘orphan’ Tulip.


Tulip was orphaned due to a stork falling for her ‘cuteness’ and her homing signal was broken so she has been stranded at the factory since. She has spent her time learning to build gadgets such as hoover packs and also an airship to one day search for her family.

This dream is side-tracked, Junior instead of firing her moves her to a un used part of the factory, the baby factory, where she is in charge of mail. She receives a letter from Nathan who is lonely due to his career driven parents and wants a baby brother with ninja skills. Tulip makes his dream come true, her and Junior embark on a journey to deliver the baby/hide the mistake from Hunter basically.

The film includes lots of witty jokes for parents to enjoy as well as super cute moments for kids. I really enjoyed watching the wolf pack that would morph into things like a submarine, car or a broken heart, it was funny, and really showed off great animation.


Reminiscent of Monster’s Inc and returning Boo and Ice Age for that matter I like this film for lots of aspects and I think it makes a great comment on life. Why do you want to be Boss Junior? Tulip asks him this throughout the film and he can’t answer because he doesn’t know why. Why do people do anything in life? We work to earn money, use money to enjoy ourselves, often together with family and friends. That is a key theme touched upon – loneliness.

As a whole I really enjoyed the film for it’s intelligent laughs (banter between Tulip and Junior), it’s feels whenever wolves tried to eat baby Destiny (anything the wolves did was brilliant in the movie). There were a lot of heart jerking moments for happiness and sadness it was like Junior and Tulip was an odd couple. Cannot applaud Andy Samberg and Katie Crown enough for such good chemistry by even though the jokes did drag on a bit too much at times. This film get’s a solid 7 out of 10.


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