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fb_img_1481710682820Mayamada, urban fashion brand and manga creators have launched their Christmas Gamepad event in Bethnal Green. In the heart of East London, they set up games with Ubisoft, Nintendo, Mon Hunt Offline, 9th Gen Interactive and provided a haven for gamers to play, compete and have fun together.

At the event co founders of Mayamada, Nigel and Lao, introduced the event, being their first ever ticketed event they got a full house with supporters for the anime and gaming community to come from all over London.They provided food stalls for the attendees, stalls to sell the new Mayamada manga and merchandise as well as Christmas decorations. They had former Connect 4 champion Kevin take challenges to win a signed edition of his own card game Footie, which was being demoed on the table next to him also.

Kevin, former Connect 4 Champion
Kevin, former Connect 4 Champion

The London Lions team scheduled to come and play as big bosses in the Smash tournament unfortunately could not make it due to practise but their cheerleaders attended and caused excitement and happily took their place in the finals and also on pingpong.

The pingpong table was set up at the back so people could get on their feet and be engaged. This was behind the 9th Gen interactive area when they were hosting Street Fighter 5 and Blazeblue which was very popular. You also had some casual Miku Rhythm game.

London Lioness Cheerleaders
London Lioness Cheerleaders Cheerleadersl

Ubisoft was promoting their new game Steep which came out 4th December where you can snowboard/ski/hike/paraglide down the snowing slopes. If you didn’t enjoy a particular route you could devise your own challenge. This game can be encoded to the maximum when playing online; you can also pick sex of your character and outfits. Reminiscent my favourite snowboarding game Steep Slope Sliders from the Sega Saturn, Steep offers so many functions almost 10 years on. Richard on behalf of Ubisoft handed out copies of the game on PS4 and Xbox to the two people who got fastest time and most points on trick and prizes for runner ups too.

Beyond the Bridge board game was also playable where you saw two top players battle it out. The players were also happy to demonstrate the game to people.


Smash and Mario Kart tournaments took place under Mon Hun Offline’s care with prizes sponsored by Nintendo where finalists got to fight against Ashe Cosplay, Moses and the London Lion cheerleaders. There was also a handheld console area set up by Mon Hun Offline so you could charge your 3DS’s, street pass and trade Pokemon with friends.

Mon Hun Offline co-founder Angela’s daughter‘s birthday fell on Gamepad and all wished her a happy birthday with some Pokemon themed cakes by Kupp’s cakes. Kup’s Cakes is independent baker who brought his delicious cake with beautiful themed icing such as red velvet with salter Carmel centre and Oreo icing as well as white chocolate brownies and classic cookies.


The food in general was amazing; you had also Cally Munchy who made on the premises fresh bagels. Their Mayamada special included tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, jalapeno, chicken, turkey, and a choice to chilli mayo or lemon mayo – all freshly sourced. This combined with their smoothies from Just Eden made a well-balanced lunch for all.

The event spanned from 3.30pm-9pm. I, myself mc’ed the event announcing the tournaments, guests, and general schedule of the day to the attendees. It was amazing to see the variety of attendees from families, to adults, new gamers and familiar faces. Even thought I was on call to MC – I had a wonderful time helping gaming community inclusion with Mayamada.

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