Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

Hyper Japan brings some festive cheer to Tobacco Dock once more for their Christmas market. HJ focuses on giving the audience the best of Japanese culture, Otaku, music, food and cosplay. At the event you can indulge in live Japanese performances from dance to singing, see the Cosplay contest to meet and greets with the guests as well as sake tasting.
This year’s line-up was a mixed assortment with no real headliner including: HIZAKI (versaille member), Misaki Iwasa with Hayabusa, PEACH-PIT, THE HOOPERS, THE TOMBOYS, Fuki, Taijyu Fujiyama, NeoBallad, SHOHJYOTAI, Ekotumi, BANG and Rio Haruki. Watching Hizaki on stage was thrilling seeing his guitar skills and also beautiful outfits, dressed as in Victorian attire. I even witnessed a Lolita lose her hairband with all the head banging. The Tomboys managed by Japan Underground label were a roaring success after performing recently in London. I was fortunate to meet them backstage whilst waiting for the fashion show.
The Fashion show this year was organised by the artist Sake&bitches who herself looked amazing and I was pleased to see a good mix of Lolita, visual kei, gothic and myself representing Wai-Lolita. Stuart the MC took to the stage and read the commentaries for each fashion adequately. The stage staff themselves were fantastic – even helping me ascend and descend the stage in my stilettos.
The stalls themselves were nicely arranged in the labyrinth of the ground floor – which included the workshop area and food stalls. We had portable heaters this time to keep customers (and exhibitors happy).
Amongst the stalls here are my top 5 stalls:

Charming Sushi
A stall dedicated to all products Japanese, you are sure to find popular officially licensed anime products such as keyrings, hand towels, figures and plushies. They also do the Japanese lottery system where you pay a fee and try your luck at winning rare prizes that you cannot purchase.
A great stall dedicated to cat related art and products from slogan tees to sticker sets you could get your heart’s desire (provided it’s in cat form) in any type of merchandise.

Kidura is fast becoming a recognized artist and mangka in the UK, based in North England Kidura has made art her full time job and showcased at her first ever Hyper Japan where she sold out within hours of her Yuri On Ice Fanart. She shared her table with Moogle ears and stuff that makes felt decorations for Christmas trees or can be used as bag charms. Her work has been picked up by Hollie Bennett one of the hosts of PlayStation Access.
Two ladies from Sweden came with their brand of homemade jewelery with kitch charms like game pad controllers, Ouija boards also coloured in a wide array of colour coordination’s which are perfect for Fairy kei, decora style Japanese fashion. The ladies themselves dressed amazingly in Lolita and Harajuku style, representing the brand perfectly.
Baku Forest Studios
This Jewelry brand focuses of nature so all the necklaces are of animals, extinct and unusual. A friend was blown away by a pterodactyl necklace holding the slogan ‘Swallows are so cliché’. With classics such as see through plastic housing goldfish and her signature necklaces being a mix media of acrylic and wood.

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