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Being a Marvel fan this movie is very important seeing an iconic superhero retire from the screen as an actor and as the character itself having his demise. Logan mark’s the end of Wolverine, as Hugh Jackman also states this is his last movie as he has had enough of working out to keep the physic.

Comic book fans all know that characters die like that are brought back from the dead in other comics and are labelled as parallel universes, alternate endings. The Xmen movies have been controlled by Fox and have always been different from the rest of the movies. Wolverine being the dire franchise of movies. This film was no different in my opinion.

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I have come to expect humour, quick wit and action from a Marvel movie, this film was far from that but I have also read the Logan comics and was interested to see the physiological scars Logan has to live with alone in the future. We barely see any insight into his life let alone know why he is alone or when the time is. Keeping the story vague to make more prequels make sense but I didn’t feel this was worth it entertainment wise.


Action is littered all over the movie and I was impressed with the swift deaths even at Logan’s age he’s still got it. But the real star was mini me aka Laura. We are presented with a Spanish nurse who is fleeing America with Laura who seems to be mute; she offers Logan $10,000 to transport him safely away. Something seems askew, amongst this a bounty hunter jumps into his car and is looking for the Spanish lady, what has Logan unknowingly landed into?s merchant

This wouldn’t be much effort expect Logan is not healing and perhaps it was his wish however we see little connection between him and the elusive Professor Xavier who is hidden in an abandoned site with an albino played by Stephen Merchant which was perfectly cast – annoying and funnywithout meaning to be.

Is it possible for Logan to not be grumpy enough for my liking or is it Laura melting him heart? She isn’t just any kid, she is a child made with Logan’s DNA. You betcha there are some great fight sequences the two against swat teams and the swift moves were amazing, sadly no slow motion moments like in Deadpool. This movie is serious and straight to the business. When there was intense talking moments they dragged but Patrick Stewart used his senile character to create a few comic relief moments in the film.


Best parts of the film were any scene with Professor Xavier winding up Logan or the Calaban doing likewise. I felt no emotional connection to Laura and had no interest in her surviving or reaching Eden. I did like how they want to reach Eden because it said so in the comic books which Logan even calls out as bull crap – one of the best moments where he thrusts it in the kids face – a bit harsh but I chuckled at the art of him in his yellow lycra which Logan failed to comment on (but I wish he did.)

I urge X-men fans to watch this film and enjoy it for the last film of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman – it will not be the same again, we have followed him through the movies and grown with him and understood him. It’s hard to see him replaced by as in many of the Marvel movies it happens and you never know we might get someone almost as good.


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