image001BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is glad to announce that TEKKEN 7 is available today (2nd June 2017) for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PC. This comes after a 8 year wait for avid Tekken fans since Tekken 6 and everyone is expecting a lot of changes.

All fights are personal and the Mishima one is about to invade your world. Are you ready to fight till the very end? After a short breather with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which allowed you to play the full Tekken player roster including characters deceased in the main story line Tekken 7 comes back with a emphasis on the Mishima clan.

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We have 36 playable characters, including Akuma from Street Fighter – he isn’t a add on character he will be key to the story. This is the final showdown of the 20-year-long Mishima Feud, new mechanics and moves include: Rage arts, Power Crushes and Rage Drives, new customisation features with a large number of items and for the first time ever on PlayStation®VR. Are you excited yet? Because I am ?

Be part of one of the greatest fighting party games ever made with the multiplayer mode. Train with your friend’s offline and online, fights against international players to push your limits.

The 2017 tour sees BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment teaming up with Twitch to bring competitors from around the world together to fight. TEKKEN WORLD TOUR will qualify the best TEKKEN 7 players from each region – Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific – into the TEKKEN WORLD TOUR Finals. More info on the tour: http://tekkenworldtour.com. It was announced that the crowned UK Tekken 7 champion was Kaneandtrench, let’s see if I can find him online and test my skills!


The game shows off new characters aswell as some worked on through Tekken Revolution – remember the sexy succubus, she’s back alongside our beloved originals such as Lilli, Kasuya, Lei, Lee, Asuka and more.

Enter the Mishima feud on:

The official Website: Tekken.com
The official Facebook: @TekkenEU
The official Twitter: @TEKKEN
The official VK: VK.com/Tekken

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