Adventures in Moominland Review

Southbank Centre's Adventures in Moominland credit Vic Frankowski

Southbank Centre's Adventures in Moominland credit Vic Frankowski

Adventures in Moominland

Dates – 16 Aug 2017 – 20 Aug 2017
Duration – 60 mins
Location – Royal Festival Hall; Exhibition Space, Level 1, Royal Festival Hall
Price – £18 Booking fee: £2.50 (Members £0.00)
This is an interactive and highly experimental exhibition, it uses the archival objects as focal points of a tour which gets the participants to feel part of the narrative journey. You are transported to Jansson Tove’s world and are face to face to the origins of her creations. The audience get to see an insight into Tove’s personal life, environmental catalysts and family who heavily influenced her Moomin troll comics.

This exhibition blew my mind, it was not what I expected and was worth the £18 per person, you are booked in small groups of maximum 10 people in 15 minute slots and you are on a timed journey. Everything ran clockwork, we followed our guide Ellie through an entrance which was inside a book which resembled some of Tove’s books where you look through the holes and it connects to the next illustration.

Vic Frankowski
Moomin characters copyrighted

Ellie introduced us to characters like Snuffkin, we are led down the twisty paths to Snuffkin’s tent where we sat on log stumps and indulged in some original sketches of the beginning of Moomin troll. This definitely wasn’t aimed at just children, more early teens and upwards as it discussed some adult themes of war, homosexual relationships things that affected Tove greatly not just the delightful world of Moomin Valley. However Sandy’s voice over almost sang to you in a melodic rhyme so anyone could have got mesmerised whether offering visitors something completely different from a traditional museum exhibition.

Sandi Toksvig (Danish-British comedian, writer, actor, political activist; well know for Have I got News for You and hosting Countdown) introduces each new room in a poetic voiceover, getting us into the mood for each individually styled room, to reflect each important journey in Tove’s life story.


Moomin characters copyrighted
Moomin characters copyrighted

In total you explore seven immersive and interactive worlds that explore important inspirations and characters behind Tove’s stories. The worlds are heavily based on the countryside where she grew up and her own private Island where in her later life she sought refuge from the world, her own private sanctuary, Klovharu.
I urge you to see this exhibition before 20th August as that will be the last day and it is a once in a lifetime experience for Moomin fans of any age!

Southbank Centre's Adventures in Moominland credit Vic Frankowsk:
For more information on tickets and opening hours please visit the Southbank Centre website

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