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  • Hyper Japan Festival 2015 Review


    Assassination Classroom Cosplay – Koro Sama Hyper Japan 2015 summer edition launched at the new venue of 02 arena which normally hosts concerts and a great place to enjoy restaurants, pubs and cinema. Since the closing of Earl’s Court – hyper Japan decided to try a completely different venue to host their cultural event. The […]

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  • Festival Asia 2015 Saturday

    Fleur Estelle Dance School – http://www.fleurestelle.com/ Festival Asia debuted last weekend on 15-19th May at the upcoming event venue Tobacco Dock. After seeing vigorous marketing at tube station, on social media, Time Out, Evening Standard it was time to go and see what the event had to offer. This was the first Eastern event I had […]

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  • What is Matcha?


    One of the most signature flavours of Japanese cuisine is Matcha. This can be used in tea, milkshake, cakes, ice cream – you name it that flavour is there! However what is Matcha? Being British I originally didn’t know what it was and assumed by the colour and smell it was a type of tea. […]

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  • What is Bubble Tea?


    Bubble tea has been around in its place of origin(Taiwan) since the 1980s but only recently has it made its way into UK high streets. Many of us are starting to see specialist bubble tea shops, or our current East Asian shops starting to sell the drink. In particular London has taken upon this trend, […]

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  • Jello Time


    Wen the weather is hot and you’ve got the munchies but not for the usual stuff, do something different make some flavoured ice cubes, angel delight or a real random sugar rush – jello! If your gonna make jello make it Crazy Cloudy Sky Jello (Mmm tastes like fluff): http://www.hawaiikawaii.net/2011/cloudy-sky-jello-tutorial/