Writing for Anifest

I totally missed the fact Anifest have added an introducing article on me on their team website.They recently asked me to be on the team and I was ecstatic, will be nice to have a website hub again. I miss Animepicks immensely. Hopefully will be able to bring lots of great content to Anifest- more interviews, […]

London Film and Comic Con 2013: Top Picks

The event was originally covered for animepicks.co.uk/events which is alas no more. Veronica Tyalor doing a Q&A London Film and Comic Con has come round twice already this year, and is one of the smaller cons by Showmasters which specialise in television and movie stars, where you come and buy autographs and have chances to […]

Anime Picks Recommends: Anime UK Show Podcast

Regular readers of Anime Picks will be accustomed to reading Aisha’s many event reports, reviews and event previews. However, Aisha’s talents stretch further than Anime Picks and into podcasting. She hosts a weekly podcast called Anime UK Show, which is about all the latest (and retro), manga, games, conventions and otaku culture. Of course Aisha […]

A Differentiation of Bows: Types of Lolita

We have already assembled the key elements that go into creating a Lolita outfit in a previous article, however what style is your Lolita costume? Let’s look into the different genre of Lolita, this can be formed by movements in the world, television and even sexuality, as well as your own preferred taste. The four […]