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  • Mayamada Gamepad

    Mayamada, urban fashion brand and manga creators have launched their Christmas Gamepad event in Bethnal Green. In the heart of East London, they set up games with Ubisoft, Nintendo, Mon Hunt Offline, 9th Gen Interactive and provided a haven for gamers to play, compete and have fun together. At the event co founders of Mayamada, […]

    Birthday treats!

    So normally people post photos of what they received and brag about everything but over the years the materialistic aspect wears off or maybe just for me. Here are my top bday moments from past and today – Memories can survive years on but photos are a nice reminder so you can capture that moment […]

    Second Tea Prince Butler Cafe at MADD, SOHO

    Surrounded by the Butlers & Maids Despite hail, snow and chilly winds, The Tea Prince Butler cafe was open to serve all Lords and Ladies who wanted to drop by or reserved a table. It was delightful to finally experience a Butler cafe and to see the unique venue ‘MADD’ which has been used for previous Maid’s […]

    Allstars: All Access Event

    Graffiti artist recreating the chars from Allstars game Everyone who had liked their Facebook page at Eurogamer (to receive a month’s free PSN plus) would have received posts on their news feed of an exclusive ticket only event All access was holding off Oxford street in November. cosplayer XD You applied for tickets and only […]

    Psy doll gig

    PSY Doll art for sale  You should never judge a book by it’s cover, looking at the flyer art for this event it looked cute and I walked into another world. It was in a compound hidden away. The interior was beautiful with steampunk and luchidor decorations. The venue, the resistance gallery, also hosted a […]