Christmas Cosplay Meet

It’s that time of year again, chilly and almost snowy with trees laden with beautiful baubles for kids to cherish. Christmas isn’t just for presents and kids, it’s a great time for cosplayers to do seasonal outfits and photoshoots. In the midst of Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park Corner, we queued, walked and had fun. […]

Japanese Street Fashion Tribes: Gals & Kogal

Japanese street fashion. Everyone around the world look in awe of the mash up of colours, styles and makeup, behind the heavy layers there are many theories and tribes are definitely formed. Several are linked to actual issues connected to the society we live in – to do with war, crime, violence, addiction to fashion, […]

A Differentiation of Bows: Types of Lolita

We have already assembled the key elements that go into creating a Lolita outfit in a previous article, however what style is your Lolita costume? Let’s look into the different genre of Lolita, this can be formed by movements in the world, television and even sexuality, as well as your own preferred taste. The four […]

The Lolita Dress Code

There is more to the title of ‘Lolita’ than a gaudy dress, the Lolita style is an adaptation of Rococo and Victorian period garments with street fashion. This fashion movement originated from Japan in the 1980’s and has evolved in a popular fashion trend worldwide. The Lolita outfit is composed of a few elements which […]