MIB 3: Let’s get some dumb ass pie

 Ahhh another week of poverty another orange Wednesday exploit – Since I missed out on May MCM expo last week thought I’d catch up with my Anime buddies through the joy of Will Smith. Considering I went in thinking this movie was going to be melted cheese, you know stuck to the bottom of the […]

Shawarma: Avengers Approve

I prefer this ending XD So I went to see Avengers Assemble for the second time with my and cousin today and let me tell you enjoyed it all over again if not more, paying more attention to the witty insults ! the best part is when I got home my bro’s found the alternate […]

The Avengers Assembled Big Time

Went to see Avengers Assemble, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since I saw the preview ad’s online. This is one of the few times I walked into the cinema expecting an awesome movie, sadly we had to see 3D which really didn’t make a difference, just made my purse lighter. Much talk […]

Ra.One: Gaming with proverbs

I finally got round to seeing Shurukh Khan’s super hyped movie produced by his wifey, mum sky plus-ed it and I sat down with a open mind and some Toffe Butterkist popcorn. This movie was heavily advertised, wherever Mr Khan could he media whored himself preformed the item song on every show, movie awards, apparently it didn’t […]

The Woman in Black

Rights reserved of Illustration to Anty Quinn I hate going into a cinema with pre-fixed expectations but after seeing the stage production a few years ago and seeing all the adverts hyping up the fact that the famous Hammer House team produced this movie I did go thinking I’d get a thrill. The biggest shock […]

Secret Screening: In the Pool

I joined the Third Window Films mailing list a few years ago but never managed to make any of their free film screenings. This year’s resolution for me: ATTEND AS MANY FREE EVENTS AS POSSIBLE! So I pitched the idea to my world cinema partner in crime Ronnie and her sis Chrissy and plans were […]