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  • What is Matcha?

    One of the most signature flavours of Japanese cuisine is Matcha. This can be used in tea, milkshake, cakes, ice cream – you name it that flavour is there! However what is Matcha? Being British I originally didn’t know what it was and assumed by the colour and smell it was a type of tea. […]

    Otaku Themed Food

    So Japan has all these themed cafes but is the fanbase worth the money, let’s look at the best looking food and see if the taste and presentation is worth us going. I personally went to the Gundam cafe and I never saw this… In all my life if I were presented a Gundam ship […]

    Cadbury’s Creme Egg Recipe changed?!

    What is the world coming to? If it’s not broke don’t fix it !  Sadly 12th January 2015 it was announced the famous Creme eggs made from Dairy Milk chocolate recipe will now be changed. “It’s no longer Dairy Milk. It is similar, but not exactly Dairy Milk,” said a Cadbury’s spokesman. The technicality is […]

    Review: Wahaca

    You are probably wondering since when did Aisha become a foodie? I’ve always have been but it’s about having the time and experience to comment on food I feel. After two trips to Wahaca – I think things need to laid on the line I am bnot a fan of Mexican food – only Chilangos […]

    The Last Pie standing

    Now before you think I’ve gone mince pie mad, it’s now January and I stumbled across another mince pie. I couldn’t pass of another opportunity since it looked so appetising! First Impressions This is a freshly baked luxury mince pie from Lidl. This is the best design on mince pie I have seen to date […]

    Best Mince Pies 2014

    I have never been a Mince Pie fanatic and that is true still to this day. However come Christmas comes the madness of food shortages especially when it comes to Mince Pies a staple to any Christmas meal. SO on the road to Christmas I have sampled and recorded my thoughts on all the mince  […]

    Pop up Maid Cafe in Camden

    When:15th July Where? HELLENIC Restaurant 9a Delancey Street, Camden Town, London  NW1 7NL Show me the money! Entry is £25 online in advance which includes a 3-course meal and entry to the event (secure payment via  Paypal). Otherwise it’s £35 on the door.  £5 optional Polaroid photo with maids (souvenir of your time). When to […]