Birthday treats!

So normally people post photos of what they received and brag about everything but over the years the materialistic aspect wears off or maybe just for me. Here are my top bday moments from past and today – Memories can survive years on but photos are a nice reminder so you can capture that moment […]

Japanese People Don’t Like to be ALONE

I believe most things in life are fun when done in a group. It’s a given sometimes we need our independence and alone time but we’re naturally sociable being and it would really suck without the company of others. Kotaku posted results of an online research poll of nearly one thousand of its users find […]

Monthly Anime Meetup

So I’m on a roll at the moment, I managed to make time to go to this monthly Anime meetup held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, problem is when these emails are sent out automatically you forget they could be out of date. Even though it had 3 people confirmed as attending I couldn’t […]