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  • Models/Designers/Photographers/MUA’s wanted for Harajuku Fashion show 2016

    Photos from the last LAGC on http://www.darkangelphoto.net/ Hello all my creative friends ^_^ Once again we will be hosting a Fashion show celebrating Japanese fashion this coming July 2016. On Sat 2nd July – because it is called the ‘Harajuku Fashion Show’ we are showcasing great creativity from fashionistas or fashion enthusiasts to put their twists on stage. […]

    Review: Harajuku Girls

    Harajuku Girls is Nicholas Goh and Papergang Theatre’s debut production. It’s written by Northern Irish/Japanese playwright Francis Turnly (currently resident writer at the Tricycle Theatre) and directed by Jude Christian (2013 winner of the National Theatre Studio Bursary). The cast is made up on an entirely East Asian cast, starring Elizabeth Tan (Coronation Street, Waterloo […]

    A Differentiation of Bows: Types of Lolita

    We have already assembled the key elements that go into creating a Lolita outfit in a previous article, however what style is your Lolita costume? Let’s look into the different genre of Lolita, this can be formed by movements in the world, television and even sexuality, as well as your own preferred taste. The four […]