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  • Summer Explorers! Free Anime Screenings at the Japan Foundation (July 2015)

    This summer the Japan Foundation have organised a day packed full of special anime film screenings, all of which can be enjoyed on the big screen! 11:30am: Anime for Everyone! (Recommended for ages 2+)KOMANEKO – The Curious Cat 1:00pm: Anime Goes Underground (Recommended for ages 8+)SOS! TOKYO METRO EXPLORERS: THE NEXT 2:10pm: Anime Meets (Recommended for […]

    Eastside stories: Love Strikes

    Where: ICA London/ Belfast/Bristol/Dundee/Edinburgh/Newcastle upon Tyne/Nottingham/SheffieldWhen: 31 January to 27 March 2014 Set one year after the drama series ‘Moteki’. Hitoshi Ohne’s romantic comedy, based on a hugely popular manga and TV series, became a massive hit in Japan and was selected for the Top Films of 2011 by The Japan Times, Kinema Jumpo and […]