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  • What is Bubble Tea?

    Bubble tea has been around in its place of origin(Taiwan) since the 1980s but only recently has it made its way into UK high streets. Many of us are starting to see specialist bubble tea shops, or our current East Asian shops starting to sell the drink. In particular London has taken upon this trend, […]

    SIRO-A at HYPER JAPAN 2013

    Show me the money: 3 Day Pass Limited Availability: Only a few left £24On The Door £15On The Door Late Afternoon Entry £10 Following a triumphant stint in London earlier this year, HYPER JAPAN are delighted to confirm that SIRO-A will be bringing their international, multi-award spectacular to the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, […]

    Second Tea Prince Butler Cafe at MADD, SOHO

    Surrounded by the Butlers & Maids Despite hail, snow and chilly winds, The Tea Prince Butler cafe was open to serve all Lords and Ladies who wanted to drop by or reserved a table. It was delightful to finally experience a Butler cafe and to see the unique venue ‘MADD’ which has been used for previous Maid’s […]

    Mad Hatter’s Rock Party Hosted by Gakunowa

    GAKUNOWA’s last  event was so much  fun I found out about another FREE installment on Denmark St at Alleyway in the Westend. Five bands performed, including musician playing Japanese traditional music and a band all the way from Japan. Hibiki Ichikawa who is known as a famous shamisen featuring backing from the talented Digereedoo/drum player Chapa. The […]

    A homemage to website Animepicks :)

    Me as Anna-May (Mascot from animepicks.co.uk) You guys may have picked up that I now regularly contribute articles to the website www.animepicks.co.uk before it was exclusively for cosplay and fashion features but I have gradually branched out to other sections such as games, figures and most importantly events this is due to my intrest in […]

    Hyper Japan 2012: Day 2

    Now that I had a mental map of the inner goings on of HYPER JAPAN, I was ready to hit the games. Nintendo Unleashed kept me highly entertained looking at the demo of yesterday’s released game The Last Story, with graphics as beautiful as Final Fantasy and pleasant dubbing – this is a J-rpg lots […]

    Hyper Japan 2012: Day 1

    HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s biggest J-culture event, held at Earl’s Court in London the huge event runs over three days and this year is their biggest yet! As much as I love the bustle it was a relief to see that the queue wasn’t too long for HYPER JAPAN’s first day – moving around […]

    The Lolita Dress Code

    There is more to the title of ‘Lolita’ than a gaudy dress, the Lolita style is an adaptation of Rococo and Victorian period garments with street fashion. This fashion movement originated from Japan in the 1980’s and has evolved in a popular fashion trend worldwide. The Lolita outfit is composed of a few elements which […]