Halloween Anime Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween from Aisha at Anime Picks. As a treat from the cosplayer at the website I decided to make an anime cat eye tutorial, this can be done with all household items (assuming you have a generous sister to lend you things). Tools: Foundation/BB cream Concealer White eyeshadow/highlighter Brown eyeshadow Black gel/liquid eyeliner translucent […]

Rainbow Geeks: Rainbow Eye Makeup

I came across this and I really need to try this out for the summer (or what’s left of it) since I have a healthy brown tan, it’ll actually look quite nice on meh. Thanks Jon for motivating me to focus on my makeup artistry ~ Watch this space. Find the original blog entry here. […]

A Differentiation of Bows: Types of Lolita

We have already assembled the key elements that go into creating a Lolita outfit in a previous article, however what style is your Lolita costume? Let’s look into the different genre of Lolita, this can be formed by movements in the world, television and even sexuality, as well as your own preferred taste. The four […]