One Piece Concert in London

 A concert dedicated to the music soundtrack to the hugely popular anime One Piece was held at London’s Cadogan Hall on Saturday February 7 2015 at 8 p.m. The music was played by Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, chief conductor Jean Thorel. and the anime series composer Kohei Tanaka. Cadogan Hall is situated close to Sloane […]

Voice Actor Chikao Ohtsuka Passed Away

Dr Eggman Voice acting agency Aoni Production announced that Japanese voice actor Chikao Ohtsuka passed away at the age of 85. Ohtsuka passed away on Thursday 15th January due complications with Ischemic Heart Disorder.. For anime fans, he is best known for his role as One Piece’s Gol D. Roger, Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s Aeolia […]

LAGC 2014

Cosplay ! London Anime Convention with additional Gaming has set out in the same venue but with an extra building to accommodate the games and with a sponsorship of £1000 from Game, they had lots of offer. With a whopping turn out of 2,000 people, LAGC really performed better than it’s predecessors with a more […]

Mayamada: Making Manga Inspired Streetwear

No doubt if you’re an avid expo-er (goer of expos) you would have come across this indie manga streetwear brand Mayamada. Basically they’re a bunch of engineering and computer science graduates (also known as IT geeks) who jumped on the idea which began as a coursework project. The reason: Why not? The brand was founded […]