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  • Review: The Pyramid

    Being a huge horror/thriller fan I had to watch this movie regardless of any bad reviews or the cast. *Spoilers Ahead* Produced by the team who made ‘The Hills have Eyes’ I knew there would be some softcore porn or rape, I was surprised to see neither. There was a questionable scene where a robot […]

    Review: From Up on Poppy Hill

    A anime movie from Studio Ghibli which quietly hit the cinema and went in 2011 which feels like forever ago. I missed the initial cinema showing but caught it on DVD release which I borrowed from Becca, (League of Extraordinary Cosplayers). This anime tells a tale of two kids fated to find out a sick […]

    Review: Action Jackson

    Action Jackson probably the worst named Bollywood movie of 2014 (also copying an American movie) is an action ‘masala’ film directed by Prabhu Deva, who would recognised from Tamil movies and is a choreographer and is famous for his crazy dancing. It features famous stuntman come actor Ajay Devgn in a double role, alongside Sonakshi […]

    New Super Luigi U Review

    As everyone knows, Luigi is Mario’s sidekick from the Super Mario game series. Nintendo have been working hard to improve the often forgotten brother’s standing of late, which has culminated in this starring role. Somewhat disappointingly, though, platforming adventure New Super Luigi U is merely a tweaked version of New Super Mario Bros. The new […]

    Persona 4 Arena Review

    After a big wait and pushed release dates, we finally get the game we pre-ordered six months ago, yet American players got to play on their region locked version last August. Persona 4‘s JRPG heritage makes it more anticipated than the likes of Injustice, another fighting game that’s loaded with detail and a whole lot of talking. […]

    PSP Vita Overview: Rocking the Social Network

    Everyone is going wild at the moment for the next generation hand consoles. Summer is coming and we all want to game in the glorious sunshine. The Playstation Portable Vita (PSP Vita) was released in Europe February 2012 and had shops in a lockdown with pre-orders. With a long life battery to withstand  non-use for […]