UK Artist Showcase: Valeriya Fedoseeya

“I’ve been drawing all my life” – this type of line you hear from a lot of artists, and it would apply to Valeriya Fedoseeya too.  She has been doodling since she was tiny but started taking art seriously at school. After meeting people who were better than her, this motivated her to get better. So, […]

Ajiey Media: UK Manga Artists Hub

Ajiey Media is an online media platform for comics, manga, TV, articles and more. Their aim is to produce entertaining content for people of all ages alongside giving other creators a chance to launch their stuff. How did I get to know about them? Theo Ajiey himself was asking people if they were into manga and […]

UK Artist Showcase: Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones (aka Girl in the Rain) grew up in the countryside in Wiltshire. Although she loved being among trees and fields, she was often bored from living far away from her friends and would spend the evenings using her vivid imagination to draw interesting characters and make up stories in her head. After studying […]

Kaori Onishi: Master of Watercolour

At one of the many conventions in the UK, we came across an unusul style of manga done in watercolour. Japanese artist Kaori Onishi studied Animation in U.K. and is a freelance 2D animator, and illustrator. Usually working on ‘traditional’ skills, she loves to draw things on paper with watercolor, ink and pencil. She has […]

Mayamada Take a Different Approach to Cooking Up Manga

They are back with a new range of t-shirt designs and a new manga campaign on Indiegogo and you can see it here: Creators of Mayamda are making a 50 page perfect bound book featuring the Samurai Chef which is a cooking competition show on the fantasy television network that is Mayamada. They previously attempted […]

Mayamada: Making Manga Inspired Streetwear

No doubt if you’re an avid expo-er (goer of expos) you would have come across this indie manga streetwear brand Mayamada. Basically they’re a bunch of engineering and computer science graduates (also known as IT geeks) who jumped on the idea which began as a coursework project. The reason: Why not? The brand was founded […]