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  • Kiki’s Delivery Service

    It was quite exciting entering the foyer of Southwark playhouse the lights shone from across the road beckoning people to come inside. I spyed some cute J-fashion as I walked towards the auditorium to see none other than the actress playing Kiki. This was an adaptation of the popular Studio Ghibli anime. Kiki is a […]

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  • Southwark Playhouse presents Kiki’s Delivery Service

     k Southwark Playhouse announces the world premiere of a brand new theatrical adaptation of Eiko Kadono’s bestselling, award-winning book KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE for Christmas 2016. Anime fans would recognise this title as a Studio Ghibli animation that starred the voice of a young Kirsten Stewart. One of the most recognised animations from Hayao Miyazaki. Adapted […]

    Plans for a Hayao Miyazaki Theme

    There was first Disney land an amusement park paying homage to the founder of popular children classic animations. Such a tribute is now being made for Hayao Miyazaki often referred to the Japanese Disney. The popularity escalated from the Western infiltrating anime Princess Mononoke sending a great message of looking after mother nature. This many movies including notably My Neighbour […]

    Happy Birthday Hayao Miyazaki!

    Hayao Miyazaki is the legendary founder of Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli has produced anime movies that have been released worldwide and are often quoted as examples for the definition of ‘anime’. The film that gained fame for Miyazaki in the west was Princess Mononoke, a fantasy film that covered economy, pacifism and environment. He […]

    Review: From Up on Poppy Hill

    A anime movie from Studio Ghibli which quietly hit the cinema and went in 2011 which feels like forever ago. I missed the initial cinema showing but caught it on DVD release which I borrowed from Becca, (League of Extraordinary Cosplayers). This anime tells a tale of two kids fated to find out a sick […]

    Brighton Japan Festival Returns This Month

    Now in its fifth fantastic year, Brighton Japan Festival 2013 marks the return of the UK’s largest annual celebration of Japanese culture! The brainchild of Brighton’s premier Japanese restaurant, Moshimo, the ever-growing festival promises this will be a record-breaking year. Quadrupling in size for 2013, the Brighton Japan Festival has announced its new home in […]