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  • BJFF 2016: Shady

    Shady a Japanese thriller released in Japan in 2012 and then by Third Window the following year in the UK. This was a welcomed addition to the Brick Lane Japanese Film Festival. A 93 minute story of bullying in Japanese schools where the treatment gets so out of hand that school children take justice into […]

    Hyper Japan 2012: Day 2

    Now that I had a mental map of the inner goings on of HYPER JAPAN, I was ready to hit the games. Nintendo Unleashed kept me highly entertained looking at the demo of yesterday’s released game The Last Story, with graphics as beautiful as Final Fantasy and pleasant dubbing – this is a J-rpg lots […]

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  • Revie: Red Light Revolution

    My friend Ronnie un suspectingly in front of the raunchy poster 😀 (Chinese film with English subtitles at Prince Charles Cinema in West-end, London) One of the perks of joining so many groups on Facebook is that the active ones ACTUALLY send notifications of events regularly. Courtesy of the Korean fan club and Third Windows films […]